Prepare your church or business to survive in the event of a hostile or armed intrusion.

Security Awareness Training - Train them up!

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Our Consultant's security awareness training is derived from multiple federal agencies-  Homeland Security - FEMA Emergency Action Programs, U.S. Marine Corps (General Officer protection), as well as that of the U.S. Secret Service Special Agent. We will bring confidence to your group. After our Consultant's evaluation and presentation to your group, your employees or members will be in a position to be better able to make an informed and potentially life-saving decision- IF confronted with an armed or hostile Intruder in a business or place of worship.  Materials available through USHRC, reinforce awareness training in Cincinnati, when posted in your facilities.  They become part of security awareness training and serve as reminders of what to look for and what to do- in order to maximize one's  potential for survival in an emergency situation. 

Our Services

Our faith-based USHRC principal, (AFAUSSS Member) has identified specific steps to inform, educate and prepare groups in the event of an armed and hostile intrusion at their business or place of worship. Whether it's a quick series of group presentations or a detailed Emergency Action Plan for your business or place of worship, your organization's employees or members will be better prepared  for the unexpected. Working directly with management and/or human resource department, our services could become part of any organization's ongoing Personnel Safety Program. If necessary, we can  offer affordable payment programs to fit any budget.

Our Specialities

1) EVALUATION of your business site(s) with written reccommendations to improve overall personnel safety

2) PRESENTATION(s)  Security awareness training for groups - showing what to do when confronted with an armed and hostile intrusion

3) ACTION PLANS specific to your business or Church. 

4) PRINTED EMERGENCY INSTRUCTIONS - Wall-Mounted Emergency Placards may be ordered for your offices and meeting rooms to serve as an immediate reminder of what to do in the event of an armed intruder in the vicinity- as recommended by Homeland Security.


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